Tsichlakidis Group operates in an industry where attention to detail, consistency and good organization are inviolable rules, in order to provide quality and reliable services to customers.

The Logistics center in Naoussa is the heart of its operation. It is the hub through which dozens of product codes and thousands of shipments are moved each year. The margin of error in our work is minimal, if not non-existent because every mistake we make involves a disruption in the smooth functioning of our client's activity.

At our facilities in Naoussa we offer full storage and distribution services. In cooperation with our branch in the heart of Athens and our correspondents throughout Greece, our cargoes are transported to and from our warehouse with the safety and reliability guaranteed by the name Tsichlakidis Group.

Logistics services

With a high level of expertise that enables us to provide specialist storage solutions for sensitive, special and perishable cargo and a commitment to customer service, our services are:

  • Receipt of goods
  • Storage of goods
  • Management of orders
  • Refrigeration - preservation - freezing of goods
  • Standardization - Packaging of goods
  • Distribution - Returns of goods
  • Repacking

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Nikos Kazantzakis

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